Ricks 2017c

Personal Postcards with Diane Ricks


SAA is thrilled to have our member emeritus back in town to share with us some new techniques she has been developing with silk painting.

 This workshop will give you a different perspective on silk painting.  Bring 8" X 10" photos printed on plain paper and turn them into art using silk paint".  (Ex "Seta Silk" and "Dyna Flo", they don't need steam setting).  After painting we will add hand dyed applique and a stiff backing which makes it stable for stitching on, framing or turning into post cards.   This is a new technique that "POPS" the painting, taking it to the next level.  

Students will bring:

2-4 8x10 photos printed on regular paper

Stretcher bars  11x13 or 10x12

2 Pointed watercolor brushes #2&#4

Approx. 25 push pins and a few straight pins

Fabric and paper scizzors

Black Sharpie markers - 1 fine and 1 extra fine point

Diane will provide for the $10. fee:

2 pcs. 11x14 silk

2 pcs. backing fabric 11x14

Tracing paper/Wonder Under/FrXion pen/Waxed paper


There will be a $10.00 materials fee to be paid directly to Diane on the day of the workshop.

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