Under the Influence
Surface Art Association
October 3 – November 30, 2013
Members of the Surface Art Association were asked the question, "What influences your art?"  This exhibit features their answers - you will see that their influences are as varied as their artwork. The exhibition highlights the diverse talents of the membership of the Surface Art Association, which is committed to fostering the exchange of creative ideas through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, field trips and forums on its website.  SAA is a membership organization that welcomes new members. 
The mission statement for the Surface Art Association is as follows: SAA includes artists who work in a variety of media and is dedicated to artists whose primary focus are the creative use, alteration and embellishment of textile/fiber surfaces. This includes, but is not limited to weaving, painting on fiber and textile surfaces, collage, sculpture, complex cloth, art to wear, and mixed media. Some members are exhibiting fine artists and others are just getting started in their creative ventures. SAA in addition to the artists in their membership, welcomes educators and individuals who are interested in sharing their creative knowledge and innovations, exhibiting artwork and furthering the dialogue of surface design.