Coiled Necklace with Rachel Williamson-Member's Price
  • Coiled Necklace with Rachel Williamson-Member's Price
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We will construct a two or three coiled necklace. Once the coiled necklace is constructed it can be decorated with beads, charms, a pendent, etc. For a two coiled necklace pick one dark yarn and one light yarn. For a three-coil necklace: one dark, two lights or one dark, one light and one medium.

Any kind of yarn can be used, but not too small or you’ll never finish. Hairy yarn might not work well. It might get tangled.

List of supplies participants bring: 3 balls of yarn, each 11 yards long Matching thread (30”) Silky cord 10.1 m (about this diameter) can be purchased in the Jewelry dept. of Joann’s 1 ½” long embroidery needle with a sharp point Needle threader Thimble Scissors Tape measure

Max of 20 people

Kit fee: $7.00 payable to the teacher on the day of the workshop.

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