Knobler, Smadar

My artistic drive is fueled by the desire to find new ways to express my love of nature and the beauty that surrounds us. For several years I’ve been mesmerized by the majesty and endurance of the Bristlecone pine trees of the High Sierra. By striving to express their breathtaking beauty, I have tried to impart the awe I feel as I honor these ancient survivors in my art. With my new work “Leaf Art,” I try to capture the very essence of nature by stripping away all else to concentrate on the beauty of a few single leaves.  I’ve created the leaves using a traditional material, silk, but through the use of thread painting and wire armature, I have assembled them in an unconventional way.  My “Leaf Art” uses textiles in an innovative manner which forces the viewer to see fiber art differently. By using textiles in an unusual way, I hope to move the viewer to better experience that same wonder and appreciation for nature that inspired me to create it.

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