Freedman-Harvey, Georgia

I have been involved in the arts all my life. My formal art education included training in glass blowing and printmaking. I majored in art at college and had the opportunity to do additional art studies in England and Brazil. In addition to being trained in the arts I have been an art curator for many years. I discovered the world of fiber in the early 2000s and began creating felted sculptural pieces and Judaica pieces. Each of my works is a one of a kind fiber piece that incorporates several different felting techniques and materials.

Felting is the process of making felt. This is accomplished using natural fibers such as wool and washing them in hot water to cause the fibers to mat together. In addition I use synthetic/decorative yarns interwoven with the wool yarns. During the felting process the non-wool yarns do not felt but become locked into the wool fibers causing varied textures and designs. I then embellish each piece with pearls, antiques glass beads and crystals.

In addition to my work in fiber I manage private and foundation art collections and am an independent curator. I am a member of the Surface Art Association, Jewish Artists Initiative and ArtTable.

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