2018 Challenge Making Art Daily

2018 SAA Challenge



At the October meeting one of the women showed a "journal/sketchbook" that she keeps of daily entries sketches, design ideas, etc.   I thought that would be a wonderful challenge for us.


1 Choose any time period to begin.


2. Make daily entries for a minimum of 10 consecutive days, the number of letters in Surface Art . You could go further and add "association " another 11 days.  Of course you can continue for as long as you would like.

The habit might stick.


3. Size  - a max of 8 1/2 by 11.  ANY SIZE OR SHAPE. They do not have to be all the same either.  


These "journals/sketchbooks" will be presented at a future meeting, date to be decided.  There will be a bookbinding workshop in June with Mia Bloom to provide some possible formats and technical assistance. 


However you can use any format you want and the "ideas" can be in any media or on any surface; fabric, paper, cardboard, etc. They do not have to be the same.  Experiment, try something new. 


AND-  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING.  use things in your studio.  This is a good time to revisit old ideas, use that wonderful paper, fabric, drawing medium that you bought, and never used. (I know I have lots of those)


Some possibilities are fans, like Asian books, hinged, bound, foldup or down, boxed, etc.   There are many Artists Books. Go on line and look at some of the wonderful creative formats. 


The main idea is the dailyness.   It’s like athletics, or music, we have to practice art making every day.



2017 Initial Challenge


SAA is sponsoring a new challenge for members.  We will have 8”x8” canvases available to those members who wish to participate.  The theme is “Initials”.  Take the letters of your initials and think outside the box!  Any media, any technique, either work directly on the canvas or create something that you attach to the canvas.  Bring your finished work to the October meeting. 

Branching Out

“Branching out” 

 “What influences your Art?”  

These pieces highlight the diverse talents of the membership of the Surface Art Association, which is committed to fostering the exchange of creative ideas through exhibitions.  SAA artists  work in a variety of media and focus are the creative use, alteration and embellishment of textile/fiber surfaces.  


Branching Out

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