Branching Out

“Branching out” 

 “What influences your Art?”  

These pieces highlight the diverse talents of the membership of the Surface Art Association, which is committed to fostering the exchange of creative ideas through exhibitions.  SAA artists  work in a variety of media and focus are the creative use, alteration and embellishment of textile/fiber surfaces.  


Branching Out

Diana shore leafing through 56 x 20 inches 800 challenge
Dassi shani pintar natures generous bounty 60 x 30 inches nfs challenge
Leone marotta keegan images on silk organza 24 x 30 inches nfs challenge
Celeste covas branching out with color 48 x 20 inches 1 200 challenge
Maureencox1stchakramixmedia ncno price
Maureencox 2ndchakrachallenge
Cicely gilman earthtone snowflake 60 x 36 inches 700 challenge
Smadar knobler leaf art autumn swirl 36 x 20 x20 inches 3 000 challenge
Guila greer park in winter 24x 24 inches 535 challenge
Mia bloom underneath 33x42 1200 challenge piece no price

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