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Surface Art Association is a membership based organization open to anyone who has a passion and interest in increasing awareness, understanding and appreciation of textiles and surface art in the art and design communities, as well as in the general public. The goal of SAA to inspire creativity, and encourage innovation, and further the rich tradition of textile and surface art through publications, exhibitions, conferences and education opportunities.

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SAA meets six times a year and each meeting features a presentation by an artist. This is often followed by a workshop.

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Morning lecture:  Through the Eye of the Needle lecture with Michelle Kingdom

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she studied drawing and painting in college, earning a BA degree in fine art from UCLA in 1990. Shortly after graduating and never fully captivated by traditional mediums, she began experimenting with embroidery.  Figurative narratives composed entirely out of thread would become a lifelong obsession, the perfect medium to express inner worlds. When not busy stitching, Michelle teaches children and lives in Burbank, CA with her husband and daughter.

Afternoon Workshop: Barbara Weitekamp, Inkjet Gel Transfers
Learn to transfer your favorite images and photos onto fabric, paper or interfacing using an inkjet transparency and gel medium.

August 13, 2016 at the Atelier de Paris.




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